ASO Guide for beginners: Complete Guide
The Ultimate ASO Guide for Beginners.

ASO recommendations to get rank on play shop.   

I already completed the content optimization on play shop now next what how to get rank?.

Here is are TRICKS (TItle, Ratings, Icon, Client, Keywords, Screenshots)

Program title: Have a keyword in the app title is vital.  

Most preferably, make your app name two ways like”Unique Name-Introduce What It DOes use the keyword”(Notice that the hyphen (-) in it). 

Developer Name: Having a keyword in programmer name matters. Although I believe google play and app store algorithms will evolve in such a way that generic keywords will not have any effect, You got to have a well-written narrative with keywords inside.  

One study which did research over 500 games appeared in Best Charts of Google Play suggested that using a keyword in the initial 167 characters will help your ranking for that keyword.   

The same study also suggested that having lengthy descriptions will have no impact and have 250–500 words is good enough. 

ScreenShots: Some of the advice for the screenshot, 

  • Always fill all screenshots in-app store. 


  • Put your most valuable screenshot first.   
  • No more than a couple of words (mainly in the centre)With the pace at which Google is going with evolving their algorithm, it won’t be long when they begin to detach words within Screenshots to use it for keywords, ranking and visibility purpose.  

Icon: This is the first thing the user notices about your app. It can hit or break your app. Always ensure it is unique and compelling. Study top-ranking programs and watch their Icons.  

Video: The Play Store and App shop provides you with the ability to showcase your app/game on-site to a user via video.

DO not forget to create beautiful, engaging and super exciting videos of your program. Ask yourself, “After watching a video, will I download this app?” If your answer is Yes, then proceed.  

Reviews: Your app reviews matter in how your program ranks in-store listing.SO be sure you gain a good deal of favourable reviews to your program by encouraging your users to rate your app.  

Apple has built-in features for programs where they can take exams in-app, and it’ll be directly posted to their program page. 

Keywords: This field can be found from the apple store just which you can make to stuff in keywords your users can type in the search box for finding your app. 

 I believe this area will soon be eliminated as Apple will come up with a new algorithm that will use keywords from descriptions to rank apps for. Hope this helps

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