How to secure your WordPress website from attacks?

As you know, WordPress by default has many vulnerabilities and

It is quite easy for an attacker to get access and change or to do something terrible to your WordPress website. 

So in this post, I will tell you how you can secure your WordPress website in less than 1 minute.

I’ll also tell you how you can scan your Website for malware

anytime you want as well as how to add a padlock to your site’s URL to show people that your Website is safe and secure.

Why do attackers attack your websites?

The reason is to:

  • Obtain Credit Card Information.
  • To get the Contact Info that can later be sold to unethical marketers. 
  • To get the username & password, so they gain control over the server that your Website is hosted.
  • To send spam emails to your Subscribers.
  • To do SEO Spam using your site’s authority.
  • Promote fake information on Google.

There is an uncountable reason for that. 

Now let me tell you how you can secure your WordPress website.

So the first thing that you have to do is to log in to your WordPress Dashboard. 

And then you have to install & Activate Plugin called iThemes Security.  

iThemes Security is one of the highest-rated security plugins in the WordPress directory, and it’s easy to use.

So to get it, go over to the plugins area and then click on add new and then go over to the search bar and type in iThemes Security.

Secure your WordPress website in less than 1 Minute

Then you can see the Plugin right there, which has got 900,000+ Active Installations. So you know that it is super legit. 

Now go ahead and click on Install Now and then click on Activate.

So now, if you look on the left-hand menu and you scroll down, you’ll see a new menu item called Security. 

Secure your WordPress website in less than 1 Minute

Go ahead and click on that, and then it’s going to take you into the security check automatically. 

And this is going to configure all of your settings.

And the Plugin will automatically enable all of those features. 

So click on Secure Site, and just like that, it enabled all of those awesome security features.  

Secure WP

With that, all of your settings are configured, so go ahead and click on Close.

Okay, if you go inside the iThemes Security settings and honestly, you can leave all those precisely the way that they are.

 iThemes has already set this up to protect your site as best as possible.

Now one thing you can do is install an SSL certificate that is going to be super easy.

When you signed up for your Website, it came with an SSL certificate included, or you purchase one separately. I am sure you have an active SSL Certificate on your site. If you don’t have a Certificate included watch this video on “How to get a free SSL Certificate.”

Now click on Configure Settings and also keep in mind that configuring this will log us out of WordPress, and you have to log back in. 

Secure WP

Now go ahead and change the setting to Enabled and then click on Save Setting.

Now go down to Security, and then we go over to Logs, and then you go over to Notices. That is where you can see that invalid login. 

Secure your WordPress website in less than 1 Minute

So if anyone tries to hack in your Website that information will show up there.

How to Scan your WordPress Website?

It doesn’t matter on what page you are in the iThemes Security plugin page, Scroll down, and you can see this option “Scan Homepage for Malware.” Click on that. It will scan your Website.

Secure your WordPress website in less than 1 Minute

That is how you can secure your WordPress website in less than 1 Minute.