Razorpay the best payment gateway for India

Is Razorpay the best Payment Gateway for India?

Why Razorpay the Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways in India.

I have seen many Indian Bloggers or users asking the question of “what is the best payment gateway for India”?.

What Payment gateway is easy to use with no setup & maintenance fee?

Well, often people go with Paypal as Paypal also supports Indian Payments System.

But recently, I found that Razorpay is the best Payment Gateway for Indian users. I am personally using Razorpay Payment Gateway from the last two months & believe me; it’s a fantastic experience with this Gateway.

I found it best in the Indian market; that is why I am writing this post for my readers who are looking for the best payment gateway for India for their business website.

Later in the post, I will also tell you how you can integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway on your WordPress site.

The best thing about Razorpay is you can easily get approved. You don’t have to wait for their approval process. You can get instant approval.

You will have to enter your PAN number & your account will be approved instantly.

The second best thing about Razorpay Payment Gateway is that you can make payments to your own website.

What I mean by “your own website” is that your customers don’t have to go to Razorpay to Make a Payment for you, or it will not redirect your customer to the Razorpay site.

Your customer can easily pay through your payment page.

Almost all types of Payments are accepted in Razorpay.

You can accept all types of Credit Card, Debit Card, Paytm, UPI, Net Banking & QR Code. Almost all kinds of payment systems are available in the Razorpay.

Easy to SetUp.

Another part which I like the most about Razorpay Payment Gateway is that it is really simple & easy to SetUp.

Let’s Integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway on your WordPress site.

Now first click on this link (Razorpay.Com). It will redirect you to the Razorpay homepage from where you have to create an account.

Razorpay the best payment gateway for India

Now click on the SignUP Button and create your account by providing Email & Passwords.

Now the next step is to Select your Business type.

You can choose anyone from the list (Individual-Pvt.ltd or Propetership or anything you like.).

The next step is to select Monthly Revenue.

If you have not started yet, you can choose the first option, “Haven’t Started Processing Yet,” or you can select “Less than 5 Lakh“.

The third step is to select your Business Function.

You can select any one of the mention functions of your choice from the dropdown.

Then you have to fill:

  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Number
  • Company Name & Company Website

Fill all the details over there & click on Finish.

Now it’s time to verify your Email Address.

Go to your email inbox, which you have used to SignUp. 

You will see the mail from “Razorpay” there; you have to click on the verify link. That’s it now your account is fully verified.

But still, you will see a page. to ‘Activate Account.’

You have to add a few more details there to Enable Live Transaction.

In the business label box type, your Company Name, Choose your Business CategorySub Category & in the PAN Section type your PAN Number & click on Activate Account.

Now go to Razorpay Dashboard at the left corner side you will see an option “Setting” click on that.

Razorpay the best payment gateway for India

Now there you will see an option of API Keys Click on that.

It will show your Key ID & Key Secrets.

Razorpay API Keys

Don’t do anything there & don’t close the window as well. We will have to come back later on.

Now open the new tab in your browser and Log-In with your WordPress Dashboard.

Head over to the Plugin area & search for Razorpay there. You will see a lot of plugins, but you have to choose this one “Razorpay for WooCommerce” (by Razorpay Team). Click on that plugin Install & Activate.

Razorpay by WooCommerce

Once you Activate the Razorpay Plugin hover over to WooCommerce and click on Settings and then you have to click on Payments. 

There you will see a new option called Razorpay. Now click on the Manage button, then there you have to enter your Key Id & Key Secrets.

Razorpay the best payment gateway for India

So Copy from the Razorpay dashboard and paste here and click on Save Changes.

Razorpay the best payment gateway for India

That’s it. Now the Razorpay Payment Gateway has been successfully installed on your site.

Now you can receive payments instantly from the Indian customers.

Razorpay the Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways in India.

So use this and let me know what you think about Razorpay in the comments below.

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