Are you Going to start a new blog? Here is some tips for you.

Tips for Newbie Bloggers.
Tips for Newbie Bloggers.

I am going to start my blog very soon.

Any tips from the experts? What are the mistakes which you made at the start and things which you should have done differently for better results?

This is a question every newbie bloggers have in their mind.

So here is my suggestion and tips for newbie bloggers.

No matter what you should stay consistent.

It will take time to build an audience, earning and to be a famous blogger.

Never lose hope, Give quality content and start SEO right from the beginning.


1. Choose just one niche.

2. Prepare topics for at least three months in advance.

3. Write content for at least one month in advance.

4. Maintain a frequency (say two blog content/week) for at least one year to gain an audience and have a chance to start earning revenue.

Keep yourself updated, always follow Ahrefs blog.

To begin with, learn some content writing tips and outreach tips.

1. Be aware of the scrapped content.

2. Think about social media.

3. Internal Linking structure.

4. Use Google trends, analytics and search console.

5. Follow Google webmaster blog.

6. Hire a professional marketer.

7. Build an email list (subscribers)

8. Look at your competition

9. Publish a post and promote it whenever possible. Social media, crate video, create an infographic, create ppt and make some authority links. Don’t publish the next post until you promote your first post ultimately. If you want to release a lot of posts per week, hire SEO expert of blogger to handle your work.

10. Choose the topic wisely.

So you might have a question what is Plagiarism?.

It’s a kind of Plagiarism that most of the tools can’t find. Many writers copy the sentence from other websites and re-write it by just changing its synonyms, few helping verbs etc.

I hope this will help you.