How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC

How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC: 2020

How to Install WordPress Locally and how to move it to the live site.

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Today, In this article, I’ll be showing you how you can install WordPress, Locally, on your computer and how you can move that to live Website.

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Now, the question is, Why would you want to Install WordPress locally? Or is it necessary to install WordPress Locally? As we can also install directly from Cpanel.

Well, Normally, if you want to build a WordPress site, you would need to buy domain and hosting, and then you can launch your live Website.

But if you are not ready to launch a website yet, and want to give a try and test WordPress before you launch, you must read this article.

So, when you install WordPress locally, all your Website’s files will be stored on your computer, and the great thing is no one else except you can be able to access your Website before it gets ready.

Now, this is an excellent way for anyone who is just new to WordPress and wants to learn to make their Website for free of cost. And, once you’ve built your WordPress site locally, you can then move it to a live website.

Tips for installing WordPress locally on your System!

It is going to be Super-Duper easy, and you can do it in just two simple steps!

First, you have to download a software called ‘Bitnami WordPress.’

Bitnami WordPress by WPPAID
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Bitnami is the software that is going to allow you to run WordPress on your computer. 

To download the Bitnami WordPress head over to your browser And, then search for ‘Bitnami WordPress‘ and press Enter. Or additionally, you can also download by clicking on this link.

So once the download process finished, go to the second step, which is to install the software.

How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC

Now open the file which you have downloaded recently And, click “Run” ‘Okay‘ Now keep clicking ‘Next‘ till you reach the “Create Admin Account” page.

Okay! So that is the page where we need to enter the login details of your local WordPress site.

So enter your ‘Name, Email address, and then the username and the password‘ for WordPress. 

Make sure you remember these details as you’ll be needing this to log in to your local WordPress site.

Once the above process is done, keep clicking next, And WordPress will be installed on your PC. So click the Finish Button!

How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC

And it will take you to Bitnami Main page, which means WordPress is now fully installed on our computer.

Now you can access your WordPress site by clicking ‘Access WordPress‘ now you can see, your WordPress site is running on our PC!

How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC

Now You can access your site anytime by going to the “localhost/WordPress.” on your browser, and to log in, you need to type this “localhost/WordPress/login” on your browser.

And, it will take you to the login page of WordPress. To log in, you have to fill the login details which you have provided earlier during the installation process.

Once you’ve logged in, you can start building your Website.

How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC

That is how you can install WordPress locally on your PC and start building your Website.

Once you have done your designing part, and you are satisfied with it, you can now move your site to “Live Site.”

How to Move WordPress from local site to Live Website

How to Move WordPress from local site to Live Website

Once you get your Website live, anyone will be able to access it, just by going to your Website address.

As you know that, right now, your site is on the localhost which means, it’s on our computer.

Now, to get this Website live, you have to follow the two steps which I will share in this article!

The first part is to set up your WordPress site on a WebHost.

So, to get your Website live you need a Hosting Account which provides space for storing your Website’s files on the internet.

So to get a hosting account, first, you need to choose the right hosting account for your business.

I recommend you to select from the following:

They are the best Hosting Providers from Decade.

Now Click any of the above hostings and choose which is suitable for your business. If you didn’t like it, you could select another hosting of your choice.

Once you have decided which hosting you are going to use, you need to select a domain name for your Website as well.

The DOMAIN NAME is your Website’s address, which people can visit, to go to your site.

You can take “” as an example, which is the name of my Website.

Watch this video for a better understanding of Domain Name:

Once you completed the payment process, you will get your domain & hosting. Next, you need to install WordPress on our hosting account.

Watch this video to know how to install WordPress on your Hosting Account:

Once you install WordPress, your Website will now be Live.
Go to your browser and then type your domain name you will see that your site is live but with the default WordPress Content.

Now the final step is to bring in the content from the local site to your live Website.

So to move the content from the local site to the live Website, you need to do a few more things.

Before you go to the next part, I suggest you watch this video so you can understand how All-in-One WP Migration plugin Works.

So first, you have to install the “All-in-One WP Migration” plugin on the local site.

So head over to your localhost dashboard and then go to Plugins and click ‘Add New.’ Now, search for ‘All-in-One WP Migration‘ and then install the plugin and Activate.

All-in-One WP Migration

Once the plugin is installed on the local site Next, you have to install the same plugin on your live Website.

Go to the WordPress Dashboard of your live Website And then go to plugins again click add new, then search for ‘All in One‘ and click ‘install’ and activate (Process is as Same as the above).

Once the plugin is installed on both of your websites, you can move to Step 2.

Step 2: This is to Export the Content of your Local Site.

To export the content of your local site, you have to go to your localhost dashboard. 

And then go to ‘All in One WP Migration‘ and click ‘Export‘ Now click ‘Export to‘ and ‘File.’

How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC

Now click ‘Download,’ And the content will be downloaded into a file and then click close.

Now you have the content of our local site into a file.

How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC

So the final step is to import the downloaded file into your Live Website.

To do that, you have to go to our Live Site’s dashboard. Then, go to “All in one WP Migration” and click ‘Import.’

Now click ‘Import from‘ and click ‘File.’ Now, choose the file which you’ve downloaded and click ‘open.’ Now click ‘Proceed.’ to start the import and then click ‘close.’

That’s it. Now the all Important process is done. This is how you can move your WordPress site from your computer to a live website.

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