GreenGeeks Hosting Review-is it really good in 2021?

GreenGeeks Hosting Review-is it really good in 2021?

GreenGeeks-Best Eco-friendly web hosting: It’s probably evident in their name that GreenGeeks values ecological responsibility. They are very proud of saying that they have been”300% powered by renewable energy.” If you are scratching your head at the mathematics involved, it merely suggests that GreenGeeks generates three times the wind power credits than they use -roughly 600,000 kilowatt-hours each year.

Beyond a net positive carbon footprint, GreenGeeks hosting isn’t any slouch as a hosting company. They are small compared to some other hosting businesses, together with 35,000+ customers and 300,000+ websites hosted, but they make up for this together with personal attention.  

They’ll allow you a free domain name to start, and you can add an unlimited number of domains to hosting plans that start at just a couple of dollars per month.

With GreenGeeks, your site will probably help make renewable energy instead of soaking it up. So if sustainability is among your priorities alongside the excellent price and excellent service, you should add GreenGeeks to your shortlist.

If you decide on GreenGeeks, and when protecting the environment also resonates with your company’s marketplace, don’t forget to let them know your website is powered by 100% carbon-neutral hosting. This may encourage more people to take that same step.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review-is it really good in 2021?

About GreenGeeks Web Hosting Company:

Trey Gardner, a computer expert from California and current owner, founded GreenGeeks in 2006. Today, the company has over 35,000 customers and more than 300,000 websites.

The company has also developed into a powerful green energy hosting company. Over 615,000 kWh/year of energy is replaced by green energy in wind power produced by the GreenGeeks.

This company has a long list of awards and nominations for being one of America’s leading hosting companies and for being a green company due to the negative carbon footprint of its wind energy used throughout the company.

GreenGeeks is committed to using only wind energy to power its operational centers and has a strict green policy. They use a tremendous amount of power and do not want their involvement in the accommodation industry and the aviation industry to contribute to becoming one of the biggest eco-friendly companies in the world.

GreenGeeks has a dual mission: to provide premium web hosting services and set an excellent example of conscious environmental responsibility through wind energy use.

Top 10 features you’ll love at GreenGeeks Hosting:

  • Unlimited web space DSS
  • Unlimited number of domains per account
  • Free domain registration
  • Free website builder
  • Let’s encrypt the Wildcard SSL Certificate for free
  • Free and unlimited email accounts
  • Free CDN integration
  • Free daily backup
  • Direct support
  • Eco- friendly

Performance & Uptimes of GreenGeeks Hosting:

Following the industry standard for guaranteed availability, GreenGeeks claims that its servers are always available 99.9% of the time.

While the company seems confident enough to include a 99.9% uptime commitment in its service level agreement, it’s not clear if customers will be compensated in the event of a warranty failure.

Other hosting companies offer a refundable hosting credit for each month of severe downtime not caused by scheduled maintenance.

Security & Backup:

Hosting a secure website is possible with GreenGeeks because they have security measures to protect all data hosted on their websites.

Each GreenGeeks server is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It uses firewall systems to prevent hacking attempts and protect against brute force and DDoS through known vulnerabilities.

VPS hosting plans allow you to blacklist suspicious IP addresses. GreenGeeks also offers a free tool, Spam Assassin, to protect email accounts.

You can protect your data with password-protected directories, SSL site encryption (for a fee), and by making sure all software installed on your server is up to date.

Daily Backup:

GreenGeeks performs a backup every night for disaster recovery.

This free service is available for all virtual hosting plans, VPS, and resellers. 

Users receive one free restoration per month, with a fee for each additional recovery.

GreenGeeks Hosting Packages:

If you’re looking for a web hosting company that grows with your site, GreenGeeks is for you. They offer scalable-Linux-hosting solutions at different prices, so you can upgrade your server resources when your site goes beyond the original plan. 

Below you will find detailed information about the features you can expect from the different GreenGeeks hosting solutions.

Shared Hosting:

The features of GreenGeeks shared hosting are pretty typical of most hosting companies. They offer unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email space and an unlimited number of MySQL databases or domains that you can host.

A plus for small businesses: You can also install popular e-commerce web applications like ZenCart and Magento. Also, GreenGeeks offers free domain registration or transfer and support for SSH access and integration with Google Apps.

VPS Hosting:

If you want access to the root of a server or more control over computer resources, VPS hosting is the ideal choice. With VPS hosting, you have a complete picture of how much storage space, RAM, and bandwidth you have available. 

GreenGeeks even offers its portal that allows you to manage your virtual private server easily.

Advantages for Small Business:

When your small business is multiplying, it’s as easy to grow it as it is to call customer service.

This is also important for small business owners:

  • GreekGeeks offers free migration services
  • Your VPS server can be provisioned in less than 60 seconds
  • Your data is stored on solid-state drives (SSDs), the fastest and most reliable storage technology
  • You get Tier 1 throughput, which, combined with SSDs, ensures optimal website loading speed
  • Free backups are made overnight, so you don’t have to worry about losing data.

Why is Website Loading Speed is essential for Small Business?

The website’s loading speed cannot be overestimated.

Research shows that even one second longer than the time it takes for your site to load, you can lose a significant percentage of potential customers who become impatient and leave your site before it fully loads. Website load time has a direct impact on conversion and engagement.

Choose from 5 VPS Plans:

There are five affordable VPS plans with 25 GB of storage, 1 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of bandwidth. The high-end plan costs four times as much and offers 125 GB of hard drive space, 8 GB of RAM, and a monthly limit of 3 TB data.

PROS & CONS of GreenGeeks Hosting:

So, GreenGeeks is the web hosting provider you should choose? Before you decide, here is a list of the pros and cons of GreenGeeks web hosting services that you should weigh. GreenGeeks, right?


The environmentally friendly approach that GreenGeeks takes creates its services to stick out of the busy web hosting industry.  

Their commitment to offset used energy using 300% wind credits undoubtedly sets the bar for additional web hosts appearing to go green or reduce their carbon footprint.  

Whether you should be satisfied with GreenGeeks ultimately depends on your funding and hosting needs, plus the way this company fares against the competition.  

Overall, GreenGeeks may be an intriguing selection for price, dependable host performance, competitiveness, and green work.

GreenGeeks clients get yourself a great deal of significance for their money. Being a green energy company, some people may select this hosting provider to proudly claim that their business is not creating a carbon footprint.  

As you have 30 days to declare a refund, do your research before creating any business devotion.

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