5 Effective Blogging tips to Create a successful blog.
5 Effective Blogging Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Hello, Guys, This is Varun here coming with the topic “5 Effective Blogging Tips for Beginner Bloggers“.

Before I begin with 5 Effective Blogging Tips Here are some other tips for beginners who have already started their blog and are wondering, 

“I’ve created a blog now what should be my next step (a content strategy that brings me my audience):

It’s a good thing (to know that you started your blog).

Now, after creating the blog, Your next step should be to see what businesses are searching on Google or what they’re talking on forums and social media platform about this field.

Are they having any problem? Are they looking for something?

For example, I might search for the best IT Management professional for small businesses or what is the salary of an IT professional or how to hire an IT service etc.


The next step would be to see what blogs and websites are ranking on Google when you search for those queries. 

See if they’re solving the problem of their potential readers or if not, what they’re lacking.

Also, see what unique and helpful version of their solution you can come up with that will probably solve your reader’s problems better than those sites “your competitors“.

Now you know what type of content to create and how to get in front of your readers.

You’ll not outrank or get traffic right after you publish your first post, but with persistence, and right strategy (SEO, branding, etc.) you can surely reach there.

In all these years, i have learned much about Blogging.

And below are my 5 Effective Blogging Tips for Beginner Bloggers.

  • 1. It is evident that almost everyone starts a blog to get some passive earning, but it should not be your priority. It would help if you always focused on learning and then money will automatically follow you.
  • 2. Thousands of people start blogging each day, and only a few of them get success in this field. The primary reason here is inconsistency. You will never get results overnight and should be working on it with complete focus.
  • 3. Start learning basics of Search Engine Optimization right from the beginning. Learning to optimize your site is always recommended.
  • 4. Never lose hope as you will not get to see hundreds of visitors coming to read your posts in a day or two. Even if you are writing it just for your passion, you will need visitors to provide you with feedback and appreciation.
  • 5. Blogging as similar to Digital Marketing is a field where you need to keep yourself updated. Join Blogging communities, Connect with People and get ready to learn something new every day.

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