10 Best Tips & Tricks to get perfect domain name ideas.

10 Best Tips & Tricks to get perfect domain name ideas.

Get perfect domain name four business/blog with these 10 awesome tips & tricks.

In this article, I am sharing the 10 best tips & tricks to get perfect domain name ideas for your WordPress site, Blog, or business.

As you know, a domain name is a very, very important part of your business because that is the thing that is going to stick with you for a very long time.

10 Best Tips & Tricks to get perfect domain name ideas.

The Domain name is the name by which the people will remember your website whenever they want to come to your website whenever they want to visit your website. 

That is the name that the users have to type in the browser to visit your website.

That is why the domain name has to be unique, simple & easy to remember by anyone. You can take my Domain as an example “WPPAID” simple, short & easy to remember.

In this post, I will share the 10 tips & tricks to get the perfect domain name ideas for your website.

Top-level Domain Names.

The first thing you have to consider to get the perfect domain name is to choose the right extensions.

There are so many different extensions available in the market.

Some of the very popular includes:

  • .COM
  • .NET
  • .ORG
  • .CO
  • .BIZ

And there are many other unpopular extensions as well includes:

  • .LIFE
  • .BLOG
  • .FREE
  • .OFFER
  • .ME

As you can see from the above list that there are tons of domain extensions available in the market.

But you have to stick with the.COM extension.

The reason behind choosing the .com extension is that users instinctively use.COM when entering a website address in their browser. And you know that the popularity of.COM Domain is very high compare to other extensions. 

And the.COM Domain has no limitations; you can create any kind of website/blog with this extension no matter it’s about Sports, Eccomerce, Magazine, Food, Services, or whatever niche you prefer to.

Check your Domain. If it is available with.COM Extension, just grab it. And if it is not available, you may consider the extensions Such as.CO .NET or.BIZ. 

But try to stick with.COM, which will be better for your brand.

But one thing you have to keep in mind that if you are creating a site for some NGOs or Organizations, then go with the.ORG extension. It will be better compared to the.COM extension.

Also, if you are targeting some countries, for example, if you are planning to go with Amazon Affiliate for some specific countries like UK, CANADA, INDIA, or AUSTRALIA, then you have to choose a country-specific domain.

For example, if you are targeting India, then you have to select.IN Domain or if you are targeting Australia, you have to select.AU Domain.

Choose a Brandable Name.

10 Best Tips & Tricks to get perfect domain name ideas.

The second tip is to select a Brandable name for your business.

Branding is crucial for your websites/business because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on users but also gain trust between your brand and the clients/users.

Branding is Important for long term success.

So, what makes your domain name brandable?

There are many factors when we talk about the brand.

But in simple terms, the brand doesn’t count any specific meaning or example. You can take Youtube-Pinterest-Google, for instance, they don’t have any meaning in their name, but they are the popular websites around the world.

In simple terms, the Brand name doesn’t necessarily have to mean in it.

The second thing which you have to keep in mind is that you must use the unique name which your competitor is not operating.

For example, you can take this another site, “WAREBEE.COM.” 

Tough WareBee doesn’t make any sense, but if I manage well, it is going to be a Brand someday.

The domain name must be simple & easy to remember.

You must select a name that is easy to remember, easy to memorize. Don’t complicate your name with random things.

Choose a simple word like “WPPaid” It’s beautiful yet straightforward & easy to remember domain name, and you can pronounce it with ease.

Also, it should sound trustworthy. So to make this process a little easier, you can experiment with some combination of actual words and run random suffixes.

Avoid Hyphens, Numbers & Double letters.

The third tip is to avoid hyphens numbers and double letters.

This is also a very crucial part of finding the perfect domain name ideas.

I have seen many people keeping a website like:

  • Sports-Elite.com
  • Technical123.com
  • Sportssedge.com
  • Newyr_wishes.Com

Don’t make this type of mistake. Because numbers and hyphens are often misunderstood.

Users who try to visit your website don’t know what you are using there “Sports123.com or Sportsonetwothree.com.” Also, the Hyphens sign in the domains is considered as a spam domain. 

Never use hyphens and numbers in your domain name.

Select Short Domain Name.

The 4th tip is to keep your domain name short & simple.

Make sure your domain name is short is like WPPaid.Com.

Short domain names allow the consumer to remember it. 

Consider not to exceed more than 15 characters. 

Also, keep your domain name simple. Avoid Using Hyphens, Numbers, & Double Characters.

Buy All of Your Domain Name Extensions, if possible.

So this is our 5th tips on how to get perfect domain name ideas for your business.

By purchasing all of the domain extensions, you ensure that no one can have your brand name,” or no one can misuse your brand. So try to buy all other important extensions as well. 

If you have a domain “BestSEOtools.Com,” 

then consider purchasing other extensions such as BestSEOtools.In, BestSEOtools.org, BestSEOtools.Biz & so on.

You might be thinking that it will increase your expenses, but you know it’s better for your brand.

You can take GOOGLE for an example if you try to buy any other extension of Google-like 



GOOGLE.UK, it will tell you that the Domain is already taken, which means you can not purchase that thing.

Google is already a big thing. They can do whatever they want, but for you, if you are just starting to develop your brand than you can ignore this, for now, do this only if you have the capacity and money to purchase the other extensions.

Make your domain name Pronounceable.

Now the 6th step is to make your domain name Pronounceable. 

As I already mentioned that you must select a domain which in pronounceable. If someone asks you for your business name, you have to answer it in such a way that the other person can understand easily. So for that, you have to select a catchy, short & pronounceable name.

Use Sensible Keywords.

Now the tips no 7 is to use keyword very sensibly.

Use Sensible Keywords. Including one or two keywords in your Domain can help users better understand what your site is about, but at the same time, you shouldn’t bend over backward to include exact match phrases on your Domain. 

If you do so, it will hurt your brand badly.

In the eyes of Google, the exact match domain (or EMD) is a spammy tactic, which means the EMD is not a ranking factor anymore. EMD now counts as a bad SEO.

Use a thesaurus to look up domain names.

Tip No8 is to use a Dictionary or Thesaurus to find your perfect domain name.

Let me tell you one thing very clearly, no matter what I say about the brandable domain name in the above steps. The fact of the matter is that coming up with a perfect name is very difficult.

It’s easy to pick a domain name in your mind, but when you go to register it, you will find that the Domain you captured in your mind is already taken. 

That is where thesaurus or dictionary comes handy in your work.

Use site like: 



These can help you find synonyms and also provide a quick definition to help you not make a silly mistake by building your domain name around the world with a meaning you have misunderstood.

Use domain name generator tools.

10 Best Tips & Tricks to get perfect domain name ideas.

Tip No9 is to use Domain name generator tools to find a perfect domain name.

How do you use the domain name generator tools? 

Just input your seed keyword and see what suggestions the generator tool has for you. This is another kind of helper that you can use if you’re finding it hard to come up with a cool domain name.

These generator tools are so simple to use and surprisingly helpful all they need in a single keyword from you, and the tool will suggest you with a ton of domain names.

I will suggest these 3 domain generator tools, which are the best in the market.

To use these tools, you can type in just one keyword, and you will get many different suggestions. 

For example, if you type in SPORTS, you will get 




Something like that. 

Even if you don’t like the name, at least you will get an idea which can help you expand your mind and you can choose many more names as per choice.

Create a Social Media Account with the Same Name.

Tips No10 is to create a Social Account with your Brand Name.

Social networking or Social Media sites are so popular nowadays.

Social media offers many benefits for your business, and it helps users to share your product or services and or if they have to share opinions, they can also do that through social sites.

So it’s crucial to create an account on different Social Sites with your Brand Name.

Some of the Popular Social Sites which you may consider creating an account for your brand:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

So consider creating an account in these sites.

Once your brand, your website becomes popular, it will be difficult for you to create an account on these sites because someone else may already use your brand. After all, it’s popular so they can easily get Likes, Subscribers, so that they can misuse it.

If you have a domain name as “SuperBowl.com,” you have to create a social site like this:

  • Facebook.com/SuperBowl.com
  • Twitter.com/SuperBowl.com
  • Instagram.com/SuperBowl.com

Try to select this same name as your Domain for all social media sites.

These were my 10 tips & tricks to get perfect domain name ideas for your WordPress site, Blog, or business.

I hope you like it. Please let me know in the comments below.

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