How to Improve WordPress Load Times

Most of the WordPress sites you would see are elegantly designed by the web designers.  But the real test comes while loading WordPress site. If the speed is low which usually results in a high bounce rate factor. Therefore it becomes important to improve load time to avoid people getting irritated and therefore they stay and use the content of your website.


There are many things that can slow WordPress sites and I think I seem to have been unlucky enough to have all experienced at one time. The main problem is the host and I am sorry to say that “price” is usually a problem here. Trying to save money on lodging, believe me, is you’re not doing favours to my experience. Like most things, you get what you pay for but there are still many good hosting companies out there that can host WordPress site very well for not much money

I would recommend hosting such as :.


Namecheap Hosting


If you have a good budget, as it will be a little more expensive, you can go for VPS hosting or VPS cloud hosting server. They are more expensive solutions, but they give the user more control over their own accommodation allowing you to add and remove features according to your websites need. Also you can opt for WordPress Hosting which is preferred these days.

Clean codes

First, we will make things easy. Once you have your web design ideas sorted his time to create nice clean code. This is not so difficult, but to do so we need to change our WordPress themes so that fewer requests must be made to the server to get information. The more data that is needed in the slower loading time results. If we take the many themes header section (header.php), we can simplify much of the code by removing php and manually add the required information

You can also :.

• make your static URL stylesheet
• make your static javascript URL
• make your static feed URL
• You can delete WordPress version of the website
• make your blog title and meta info / static description

In making these changes, you reduce the amount of information that is needed to be called from the server reduce the overall time site load.
Once you’ve done that with Header does not stop there. If you look through your theme, you will probably find php or queries that you can remove or static as more useless

• The name of your blog
• the feed URL RSS
• Comment RSS feed URL

Improve the size of file or Images

Most designers already know this, but it still causes problems. The size of the particular image files, flash etc sizes have a huge role to play in load times. Over the longer time to load the file. I know that the flash is watching but.swf files can really become great moments and even with preload can still frustrate users as they load. Use flash and images wisely, not just for your own pleasure. Consider the experience of the user as well.

Improve your Codes

If you add code to the template files after installing a new plugin then I’m sure you have added php without function_exists.

You can look and say “So What” and this causes a problem when you disable the plugin or delete all together. Suddenly, there is no function of that name, nor yet the code still works and causes an error if you pages will not load. To solve this problem, you can remove it entirely php, but if you have many active plugins this can be a problem. Good coding habits when adding the first functions would be to add a “if” called function_exists.

With this feature means that when you clear the company or remove a plugin no errors occur.

Another poor coding technique is not to incorporate Flash and other functions in the sites properly. I’m sure you have at some point visited a site and all the time you are there watching the status bar and continues to say “1,2,3+ remaining points.” This is again due to poor coding and not only spoils a page loads, but also seems unattractive and unprofessional.

Cache plugins

So you came with your web site design ideas you have cleaned the code, you have everything needed to improve load times. Well there is one last thing to do next. Caching. WordPress has a number of caching plugins but I recommend you install WP-Total-cache or WP-Super-Cache. Caching is probably going to show you the greatest improvements that caching images, files etc will result in no further loading of the articles by improving the lot loading times, especially when a user navigates back and forth between pages of your site.

In conclusion if you want the world to see your web design ideas, so it is important to maximize your WordPress loading times and avoid high bounce rate. Stay tuned for More Updates only at WPPaid which is free for you 😉


What is WordPress Hosting?

Well we are now much aware of the Web Hosting, here comes a new term that is, WordPress  hosting which is a hosting service that will host only a WordPress site. Yes, a WordPress site. WordPress the ideal content management that you see now as days. If you are wondering what that means precisely then you are probably not alone in not knowing the full range of terminology relating to hosting and web design. In this case however, WordPress hosting is probably ideal for you and probably the perfect thing to help you manage a website. Here we will check out what it means and how you can choose the best WordPress hosting for your website.

Web Hosting

First of all, web hosting is basically a service that will keep your site for you while other computers online watch. The way the Internet works is that it is essentially a lot of interconnected computers. Many of these computers are the computers of people “surf” the web, but many others are “servers” that hold the information for you on their hard drives which is the web content. If you want to make a website, then you need to be on a server so that the computers can search and find your site. You will probably get a domain name with your web hosting but if you do not, you can get it separately and then direct it to the part of the code server where your website is maintained. Then every time someone types in the domain into their browser, the server will be called, and it will then send the code on their computer that can display your website.

Check Out the Best Responsive WordPress Theme

web hosting companies vary in many ways, which is why it is important to read a lot of web hosting reviews. Using essentially a server is much like buying a computer and it comes with stat that affects the performance of your website. Reading web hosting reviews can ensure that you find a site that has the best bandwidth, more storage space and the best technical support for example.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is itself a tool to create websites and one who lives on the server where your site is in the case of WordPress hosting. This means that you can simply visit your website, click “edit”, enter your user credentials and then change the pages on the fly. This is perfect for many reasons – it means you do not need to store the files on your computer, for example, which means that you can have more space on your computer, which means you can edit from anywhere, as long as you have Internet access.

Meanwhile, WordPress hosting everything is very easy. If you want to change a WordPress site, then you will be able to simply type in a box to create a new position and click ‘post’ or simply copy and paste the images. There is too much flexibility allows you to change themes, and add new features to your site and it is very user-friendly.

Thus, if you are not a web designer and you do not know HTML or CSS, using WordPress hosting is the ideal medium for quick and easy web design. Hope this helps you stay tuned to get more free updates regarding WordPress only at WP Paid.

Best Free Responsive WordPress themes

Best Free Responsive WordPress themes to build your new blog.
Best Free Responsive WordPress themes

Best Free Responsive WordPress themes.

At present, being a Blogger creating a WordPress website is not a big task. You have to buy a domain name and set up a hosting according to your needs, and that’s it! You are good to go.

But when it comes to build and design your website, There comes the question of how can you create your website so that the audience retention will be excellent.

The WordPress Directory has already filled up with so many themes based on so many topics, but it isn’t straightforward to choose between them, as many of them are not well optimized. Although selecting an item is not an easy task.

So, here we are with the 5 Best Free WordPress Themes, which are well SEO optimized, fast-loading, and also Adsense friendly. That being said, Let’s jump onto the themes.

5 Best Free WordPress Themes


Zakra is a lightweight, super-fast, SEO friendly theme that is designed with WordPress 5.0 and supports all the page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, etc-. The setup of the theme is accessible and understandable.

It comes with many pre-loaded sites for Business, Agency, Mobile app, Yoga, Café, etc-. Zakra is fully compatible with WooCommerce also. The layout of the theme is just fantastic and eye-catchy.


ColorMag is a news/magazine-style blog theme, and also it is one of the most popular themes of WordPress. It is a highly customizable, fast loading, highly optimized, and SEO friendly theme.

If you have a news blog, then this is the best free theme that you can apply to your WordPress site. It is a responsive theme and also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. 

It provides you with the live WordPress customizer so that you can easily customize your website in no time.


Kumle is a multipurpose WordPress theme that applies to any website, whether it is a business website, Portfolio website, or it’s just a simple blog. It is well optimized for SEO and a super-fast loading theme. It is also compatible with several page builders like elementor, wp builder, etc-.

It has a clean, lightweight, and responsive design with numeric pagination and additional footer widgets available. Customization Options are also available.

4.RT Magazine

It is a free responsive magazine style WordPress theme that helps you create some fantastic magazine sites in no time. It is a fully customizable theme with over eight widget locations where you can easily place WordPress widgets or ads.

It is a translation ready theme with one click demo import feature so that you can easily access it.

Additionally, you can get free lifetime support over there if any problem occurs.


The gist is a simple, clean, minimalistic free WordPress theme that lets you create a professional website. 

It is a perfect theme for blogs, magazines, and news websites. It has featured slider options, sticky sidebar options, copyright options.

It is cross-browser compatible, and custom widgets are also available out there. It is highly optimized for SEO.


There are so many free WordPress themes available on the internet. 

Still, the above ones are my best recommendations as they are responsive, well SEO optimized, fast loading, and have lots of amazing features. 

So, if you are going to start a new WordPress website today, then make sure to use these themes.

I hope you like this article, and if you have any queries, then do mention them in the comment section below, and we will get back to you.

What is WordPress?

Let’s talk about blogging befoe we jump into to what is WordPress, right? Blogging is a passion to share your knowledge with people so they get a better understanding of the thing. That is why nowadays you see more of bloggers. But them here comes about the platform for blogging, here WordPress comes to play a vital role. Let’s find out!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source blogging platform or application that is installed on your host server. Currently, he is the most popular software used for self-hosted blogs. It is free to use and most web hosts with cPanel access will install in one click. WordPress functions not only just a blog, but it also has a powerful database and acts as a (complete system of CMS content management). This helps build a complete website using this software. Find Out What is WordPress Hosting.

One reason that WordPress is so popular is that it is very easy to use. It also has thousands of plugins that can be installed to perform just about any feature you might need to add to your site. They range from shopping carts, article directories and membership scripts powerful features of SEO, contact forms and automated social bookmarking.

There are literally thousands and thousands of plugins available. There are also thousands of video tutorials to teach you how to use WordPress which is also a plus. Although it is very easy to use, there is a small learning curve for her. If you want to improve functionality through plugins, you may be watching some good tutorials will want all the plugins can be installed with the click of a button because the installation program is included in the table edge in the administration area.

If you do not have a web host, you can get a free blog at WordPress This could be a good place to start by testing the software before setting up a paid site hosting for your business. Even if you have an existing website, you can add a WordPress blog for your website.

Another advantage of using WordPress is that it is fully customizable. You can install themes in the same way that you install plugins. One-click and you can change the look of your site or you can hire someone to design a custom theme for your site.

I personally do not understand why anyone would want a website that is not powered by WordPress. Search engines love this platform and it makes it possible for a business owner to maintain their site themselves if they wish. Even if you pay someone to design your site for you, it is usually much cheaper to have a WordPress site designed it to have a static site or other CMS created. Then you are able to take over and make small changes and updates to your site yourself. Pro News, WP Paid is also hosted on WordPress.

Hotel Booking Free WordPress themes

Top 5 Free Hotel booking WordPress themes
Top 5 Free Hotel booking WordPress themes

If you are the one who is planning to launch a startup based on hotel booking management system, then this article is for you.

Or If you are planning to launch a website related to a hotel booking system and looking for some cool WordPress themes at zero cost.

Then you are on the right place as in this article, and we are showcasing you the top 5 free hotel booking WordPress themes which you can use in your website to give it a premium and professional look to grab the user’s attention.


Top 5 Free Hotel booking WordPress themes


 1.Neve Vacation Rental

Neve Vacation Rental theme is the sub starter theme of the Neve theme itself. 

It is a fully customizable, responsive, and SEO friendly theme which has a super-fast loading speed and optimized according to user needs.

It has a clean and minimal design to grab the attention of the user. 

The main feature of this theme is its slider, which itself comes with so many features. It is a user-friendly WordPress theme.



Travern is the free WordPress theme specially designed for hotel booking niche based blogs. 

It has a beautiful color combination of blackish yellow color. 

It is a highly optimized WordPress theme. 

Also, it has a beautiful slider below the header.

It is also compatible with page builders like elementor, Gutenberg, etc.- and fully SEO optimized WordPress theme. It is totally responsive and looks equally good on all devices.


Hotel Melbourne is another WordPress theme which is completely free and lets you create an excellent hotel booking management website. 

It is convenient and easy to operate theme. It also helps you to create a good looking portfolio website in no time.

Also, It is fully responsive and compatible with woo commerce, which helps to sell your products online with ease. 

The layout of this theme is so clean and eye-catchy, although it is an AdSense friendly theme that is beneficial for most of the bloggers out there.


Palmeria is a free WordPress theme that lets you create some excellent good looking travel booking website, but it can also be used in sites based on the discussed niche. 

It is a fully customizable, SEO friendly, Fast-loading WordPress theme with an easy to operate layout. It is also compatible with almost all page builders like wp page builder, elementor, etc.


5.Hotel Galaxy Lite

Hotel Galaxy Lite is a multipurpose free WordPress theme, which is the best suitable theme for hotel booking niche-based blogs and is my personal favourite also because of its clean and sophisticated layout. 

Although it is highly responsive in design and AdSense friendly also and lets you create some stunning websites in no time. 

Also, It provides you with free support if any trouble situation occurs while installing this theme or in any other action.



Coming to the verdict, I must recommend you to use these themes on your website as these are the themes which are best suitable for hotel booking niche and packed with lots of excellent features in them. 

Also, every theme in this list has some unique speciality in itself, which is a fantastic thing.

I hope you liked this article, and if you have any doubts or queries related to this article, then do mention them in the comment section below, and we will surely get back to you in no time.

SEO tips for Travel Agency: Perfect SEO Guide.

SEO tips for Travel Agency
SEO tips for Travel Agency

A recent study by Google on the behaviour of ‘travellers’ showed that a large percentage of people start their travel and booking process through search engines.

So, here are some SEO tips for Travel Agency to make your life easier

Getting Found in Local Searches

Optimize your Google My Business (GMB) page and fill out as much information as you can. This will increase your presence on Google Local Pack (maps)

What you can do with your Google My Business Account

1. You can update/edit your business info – description

2. Create a post about what’s new, event or an offer

3. Can sell products/services directly from google maps.

4. Allow customers to book an appointment directly from google maps.

5. Allow customers — and potential customers — can send you text messages directly from google maps.

6. You can view insights

7. Reply to reviews

8. Add new photos, videos

9. Can get a free website within a few minutes

10. Add multiple users to manage your business

11. Add various locations

12. You can create google local business optimized ads like call your business or visit your store

Also, get listed on business directories and citation sites – but don’t spend the majority of your time on this.

If your Website isn’t Mobile-Friendly, get a move on to Fix that!

Test how well your website looks on mobile devices.

And identify how your visitors use their mobile phone when interacting with your business, and design the mobile experience to meet their needs.

Four Types of Content That Work for Link Building

Your new develop content should be highly shareable, drive links and increase your traffic, so what content will help you do just that?

Collaborative, Surveys = Authority and Longevity, Expert Opinions, and “Flat Content” such as “top tips” pieces, press releases and white papers

Social Media and Event Marketing

Utilize the power of social media, which allows you to expand your audience reach and generate buzz about your event online

Apart from Facebook events, use Instagram/Snapchat stories to stream live and ask questions, 

list your events at

all etc

 Pro Tip: Collaborate with influencers and bloggers

Influencer induced consumer aspirations have changed the way brands promote travel experiences to potential customers.

For example, striking a chord with consumers, Instagram drone (aerial) photography and video has become a popular way to showcase travel experiences.

Final Tips: The SEO landscape is very dynamic. Sure, some things stay the same: put relevant keywords in your titles, make it a priority to optimize for mobile users, etc.

But other things continue changing in a never-ending spiral. 

This year, Google, along with other huge platforms, is trying more and more to be the end destination of their users’ journeys.

This, more than anything, defines major SEO trends for 2020, since now, we need to find the best ways to stay effective within the framework created by Google.

Every time marketers think we got this SEO thing down, and the rules start to shift and change. 

A great example is how local SEO changed. 

Today, having Google My Business is becoming more important for some local businesses than having a website, and this is just a symptom of a larger trend.

We always need to keep our hand on the pulse, then, and adjust our work to the new challenges we’re facing, providing the best results.



The Ultimate ASO Guide for Beginners.

ASO Guide for beginners: Complete Guide
The Ultimate ASO Guide for Beginners.

ASO recommendations to get rank on play shop.   

I already completed the content optimization on play shop now next what how to get rank?.

Here is are TRICKS (TItle, Ratings, Icon, Client, Keywords, Screenshots)

Program title: Have a keyword in the app title is vital.  

Most preferably, make your app name two ways like”Unique Name-Introduce What It DOes use the keyword”(Notice that the hyphen (-) in it). 

Developer Name: Having a keyword in programmer name matters. Although I believe google play and app store algorithms will evolve in such a way that generic keywords will not have any effect, You got to have a well-written narrative with keywords inside.  

One study which did research over 500 games appeared in Best Charts of Google Play suggested that using a keyword in the initial 167 characters will help your ranking for that keyword.   

The same study also suggested that having lengthy descriptions will have no impact and have 250–500 words is good enough. 

ScreenShots: Some of the advice for the screenshot, 

  • Always fill all screenshots in-app store. 


  • Put your most valuable screenshot first.   
  • No more than a couple of words (mainly in the centre)With the pace at which Google is going with evolving their algorithm, it won’t be long when they begin to detach words within Screenshots to use it for keywords, ranking and visibility purpose.  

Icon: This is the first thing the user notices about your app. It can hit or break your app. Always ensure it is unique and compelling. Study top-ranking programs and watch their Icons.  

Video: The Play Store and App shop provides you with the ability to showcase your app/game on-site to a user via video.

DO not forget to create beautiful, engaging and super exciting videos of your program. Ask yourself, “After watching a video, will I download this app?” If your answer is Yes, then proceed.  

Reviews: Your app reviews matter in how your program ranks in-store listing.SO be sure you gain a good deal of favourable reviews to your program by encouraging your users to rate your app.  

Apple has built-in features for programs where they can take exams in-app, and it’ll be directly posted to their program page. 

Keywords: This field can be found from the apple store just which you can make to stuff in keywords your users can type in the search box for finding your app. 

 I believe this area will soon be eliminated as Apple will come up with a new algorithm that will use keywords from descriptions to rank apps for. Hope this helps

SEO tips for Jewellery (Ecommerce) stores.

SEOTalk: SEO tips for Jewellery (Ecommerce) stores.
SEO tips for Jewellery (Ecommerce) stores.

Creating your jewellery e-commerce website is one thing and selling through it is another. So, here are some tips to make your life easier


Fix onsite technical SEO. In short, optimise your site for Google Bot by adding correct Meta tags including Title, user-friendly URLs, H1/H2/Bold text content, alt text for images, page canonicals, Site Map, and so on.

  • Mention keywords where they matter most.
  • Link to internal pages on your site.
  • Use a permalink structure that includes keywords.
  • Remove anything that slows down your website.
  • Use keywords in your images.
  • Link to other websites with relevant content.
  • Update your website frequently.
  • Make sure your website is indexed in search engines.
  • Have other websites link to you.
  • Stop changing your domain name.
  • Write like a human.

Also, optimise mobile load speed (use and GTmetrix), currency conversion, responsiveness, browser compatibility etc. and add unique content for each Category, Sub-category and Product pages.

Mobile optimisation is the most important thing of all because in 2020 as far as my experience goes, 95% of users are from MOBILE.

  • Make sure your website’s theme is responsive. 
  • Your logo should look perfect on mobile. 
  • The font you use should be visible in a mobile view.
  • The colour combinations you pick plays an important role.

So Don’t take mobile for granted. Play with it! 


Apart from adding SSL (https) to your domain, we suggest below methods to improve your online trust ratio:

✔ Return Policy

✔ Detailed About us with photographs of Founders and key staff members

✔ Money-Back Guarantee

✔ Visit Our Showroom

✔ Shipping Tracking

✔ Packaging

✔ Shipping carrier and insurance

✔ Product Reviews etc

Remember that buyer validates all these trust clues before buying anything. It’s a part of building online trust with your prospect.


The blog post should be original, informative and an ongoing effort.

Keep blogging and have at least two blogs in a week.


Use Schema markup to get aggregate, star-based reviews next to your products in organic search.


Dominating in a particular geographical region will give you an upper hand in this competitive niche.

Additional tip: Focus more content marketing including blogger outreach and guest blogging opportunities

Some Valuable tips on Client Communication.

Best tips on Client Communication.
Best tips on Client Communication.

Hello Friends, Today our topic is about Client Communication.

So hope you guys will enjoy my tips 

Here is my

Client communication tip #1

Create awareness about your products or services through a digital medium (the first communication should be from the digital platform)

As a being digital marketer, we all wanted to sell our products or services, but the hard part is the customer don’t pay enough attention to why ?? Because they are not aware of our products or services…

By making them aware of your services, you are gaining the initial trust and believe me trust drives to engagement.

Now the central part of your awareness activities. It should be consistent. Consistency always beat competency..

By being consistent, you get the more and frequent attention of your potential clients.

I hope this tip will be beneficial to you.

Here is the

Client communication tips #2

In the previous tips, we had talked about awareness and consistency. In today’s advice, we will talk about their engagement to the next level.

Let us move forward.

Create a Survey or Poll or ask a Question

in social media Group.

Best way to get feedback from your Client or to know their pain point is by asking thought-provoking questions which they can correlate with their business. And they are most likely to give feedback or answers because they want to know the answers of it.

Create the series of questions and then put all those questions into one bucket and filtered out which one most suits to them.

Also, make sure that you need to be very careful about the questions, and it’s sequenced. Make the list of items by considering the answers you want to get from your potential customers.

Ideal practices

• Use 5 to 10 questions, not more than that (with options).

• Use type form instead of google form cos when people know that they have to fill long-form their attentions and enthusiasm breaks.

• Sequence matters a lot so make sure people’s enthusiasm and interest maintain till the last questions.

• Show gratitude by Saying thank you to them for taking out their precious time in filling up the form or survey.

Use this data for preparing reliable products or services to your potential Client.

Remember in the market. Solutions are sold products and services are just medium.

Don’t find customers for your products to find products for your customers; ultimately, it’s all about customers. Always put your customers in the centre part of your products and services.

I hope these tips will beneficial to you, and i will share your next tips in my other post

Do mention your comments and feedback to know what you think about in client communication part.


5 Effective Blogging Tips for Beginner Bloggers

5 Effective Blogging tips to Create a successful blog.
5 Effective Blogging Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Hello, Guys, This is Varun here coming with the topic “5 Effective Blogging Tips for Beginner Bloggers“.

Before I begin with 5 Effective Blogging Tips Here are some other tips for beginners who have already started their blog and are wondering, 

“I’ve created a blog now what should be my next step (a content strategy that brings me my audience):

It’s a good thing (to know that you started your blog).

Now, after creating the blog, Your next step should be to see what businesses are searching on Google or what they’re talking on forums and social media platform about this field.

Are they having any problem? Are they looking for something?

For example, I might search for the best IT Management professional for small businesses or what is the salary of an IT professional or how to hire an IT service etc.


The next step would be to see what blogs and websites are ranking on Google when you search for those queries. 

See if they’re solving the problem of their potential readers or if not, what they’re lacking.

Also, see what unique and helpful version of their solution you can come up with that will probably solve your reader’s problems better than those sites “your competitors“.

Now you know what type of content to create and how to get in front of your readers.

You’ll not outrank or get traffic right after you publish your first post, but with persistence, and right strategy (SEO, branding, etc.) you can surely reach there.

In all these years, i have learned much about Blogging.

And below are my 5 Effective Blogging Tips for Beginner Bloggers.

  • 1. It is evident that almost everyone starts a blog to get some passive earning, but it should not be your priority. It would help if you always focused on learning and then money will automatically follow you.
  • 2. Thousands of people start blogging each day, and only a few of them get success in this field. The primary reason here is inconsistency. You will never get results overnight and should be working on it with complete focus.
  • 3. Start learning basics of Search Engine Optimization right from the beginning. Learning to optimize your site is always recommended.
  • 4. Never lose hope as you will not get to see hundreds of visitors coming to read your posts in a day or two. Even if you are writing it just for your passion, you will need visitors to provide you with feedback and appreciation.
  • 5. Blogging as similar to Digital Marketing is a field where you need to keep yourself updated. Join Blogging communities, Connect with People and get ready to learn something new every day.